Rescue. Raise. Renew. Repeat.


Two Way Street Animal Care is a Non Profit Organization in Los Angeles, California that rescues and raises stray kittens

We provide these homeless animals with the medical attention, socialization, and love they require

Once the kittens are healthy, we review numerous applications, and match them with a serious, compassionate, and safe forever home


Four Easy Steps To Success:


Provide a temporary home to stray kittens found by people in our community, and ones received by our city shelters


Give these kittens the medical treatment, food, socialization, and love they deserve


Bring the kittens back to health, market them to find prospective adopters, find them the perfect forever home


Do it again and again!


At our rescue,

both kittens and adopters win

because it’s a…

“Two Way Street”!


Two Way Street Founder: Rebecca McKee


After completing graduate school at Boston University in 2015, Rebecca moved westward to the sunny city of Los Angeles, CA. Rebecca struggled with the transition to her new city and found it hard to find community and a genuine connection with others. Having always had the desire to adopt a pet, and thinking that a furry companion may just be what she needed, Rebecca started to visit the many Los Angeles Animal Shelters. On her days off from work, she would visit the dogs and cats with the hope of comforting the homeless little ones, and even herself.

Then, on one beautiful September day, Rebecca visited the West LA Animal Shelter and found a little ball of fur she just had to have. Rebecca adopted Posie, an 8 week old female, siamese kitten who was found alone under a nearby bridge. After a lot of love, attention, food, and vet visits, Posie became a healthy, thriving, athletic kitty. Rebecca considers Posie to be her first love.

The following summer Rebecca volunteered at LA city shelters during the busy kitten season. While visiting the South LA Animal Shelter, Rebecca found a cage with two little brown and white tabby kittens and immediately fell in love with the pair. Rebecca had made a promise to herself to only adopt one more kitten, but at the sight of the babies, all logic went out the window, and she took both home. Pierre and Petunia joined Posie to make Rebecca's perfect little family.

Rebecca's experience rescuing kittens and rehabilitating them back to health was incredibly rewarding. So much so, that she quit her job to pursue her passion and launch her own non profit, Two Way Street Animal Care. By working with and learning from the best rescue organizations in California, she hopes to pair her newfound knowledge, university education in theater and television, and professional experience in sales and customer service, with her love of animals. By blending all of her unique skills, Rebecca hopes to make a difference in her community by rescuing, socializing, treating, and loving as many homeless animals as she can. She looks forward to finding each and every animal in her care a safe, compassionate, forever home.



Happy Endings!

Baby Sandy: 3 weeks old

Baby Sandy: 3 weeks old

Sandy with her new Mommy and Daddy: 12 weeks old

Sandy with her new Mommy and Daddy: 12 weeks old


“We adopted our kitten Minnie from Rebecca a little over a month ago and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The amount of love she has for animals is obvious within the first few moments of meeting her. We met Rebecca at an adoption event when we saw Minnie and were instantly interested in adopting her. Rebecca helped me fill out an adopters application and asked me questions about myself, my partner and our other cat Pete- she was very dedicated to not just adopting out Minnie, but adopting her to the right home.

Rebecca accommodated her schedule to meet with us at the Kitten Rescue adoption center the very next day so we could interact with Minnie hands on in a safe space. We of course decided to adopt Minnie (she is the sweetest) and Rebecca brought Minnie over to our place right away to do a quick home check and get the paperwork finalized.

Rebecca and I have stayed in contact since the adoption; she asks how Minnie and Pete are doing and shares tiny baby pictures of Minnie. It is clear that taking care of animals is what Rebecca is meant to do in life. I plan on having Rebecca cat sit for me because I know that they will be loved and getting the absolute best care while I am gone. Plus it is nice knowing that you will also be helping Rebecca have the funds she needs to continue to save all of the animals she can!”- Haley S.

Sandy (AKA Minnie): 16 months old

Sandy (AKA Minnie): 16 months old

Beaker happy in his forever home: 6 months old

Beaker happy in his forever home: 6 months old


“Rebecca and the team are so nice! They listened when I described my lifestyle and set me up with the most perfect lil guy. They are truly dedicated to making sure their fur babies are adopted to healthy and happy homes. I appreciate the love they gave my kitty before he came to me and I will be sending anyone who wants to adopt a cat to them. Thank you!”- Emily AJ.

Baby Beaker: 2 weeks old

Baby Beaker: 2 weeks old

Beaker with his new Mommy: 8 weeks old

Beaker with his new Mommy: 8 weeks old

Baby Rupert: 4 weeks old

Baby Rupert: 4 weeks old

Baby Rupert meeting his parents: 10 weeks old

Baby Rupert meeting his parents: 10 weeks old


“We were looking for a new kitty and we found Rebecca and Two Way Street Animal care and the process of adopting our new kitty, Rupert, could not have been easier! We set up a brief phone interview so Rebecca so she could speak to us briefly about our current living arrangement and make sure Rupert was getting a happy home. A few weeks later, we paid a visit to the animal shelter to meet Rebecca and our new Kitty where he received his microchip and paper work and the rest is history! Rebecca is a compassionate foster mommy for animals of all kinds and I would recommend Two Way Street Animal Care to anyone looking to adopt!”- Nick D.

Rupert in his new home: 4 months old

Rupert in his new home: 4 months old

 Are you passionate about animals?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Are you looking to help raise awareness about animal rights, and save kittens along the way?

Then, Two Way Street is where you belong!

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