It All Started When...


After completing graduate school at Boston University in 2015, Rebecca moved westward to the sunny city of Los Angeles, CA. Rebecca struggled with the transition to her new city and found it hard to find community and a genuine connection with others. Having always had the desire to adopt a pet, and thinking that a furry companion may just be what she needed, Rebecca started to visit the many Los Angeles Animal Shelters. On her days off from work, she would visit the dogs and cats with the hope of comforting the homeless little ones, and even herself. 

Then, on one beautiful September day, Rebecca visited the West LA Animal Shelter and found a little ball of fur that she just had to have. Rebecca adopted Posie, an 8 week old female, siamese kitten who was found under a nearby bridge. After a lot of love, attention, food, and vet visits, Posie became a healthy, thriving, athletic kitty. Rebecca considers Posie to be her first love.

The following summer Rebecca volunteered at LA city shelters during the busy kitten season. While visiting the South LA Animal Shelter, Rebecca found a cage with three little brown and white tabby kittens. While one had already been placed on hold for adoption, she immediately fell in love with the available brother and sister pair. Rebecca had made a promise to herself to only adopt one more kitten, but at the sight of the babies, all logic went out the window, and she took both home. Pierre and Petunia joined Posie to make Rebecca's perfect little family.

Rebecca's experience rescuing kittens and rehabilitating them back to health has been incredibly rewarding. So much so, that she now fosters for many local animal rescue organizations in Los Angeles. Rebecca is proud to partner with Kitten Rescue LA, Stray Cat Alliance, and A Purposeful Rescue, to help them meet their foster and transport needs.  She also volunteers at Best Friend Animal Society's NKLA shelter in Santa Monica, helping to walk dogs and take care of felines in the Kitten Korner. She is a financial supporter of Milo's Sanctuary, Best Friends, Kitten Rescue LA, and many other worthy Los Angeles rescue organizations.

Rebecca is in the preliminary stages of starting her own animal rescue organization. By working with and learning from the best rescue organizations in California, she hopes to pair her newfound knowledge, university education in theater and television, and professional experience in sales and customer service, with her love of animals. By blending all of her unique skills, Rebecca hopes to make a difference in her community by taking in, transporting, socializing, training, and loving as many homeless animals as she can. She looks forward to finding each and every animal in her care a safe, loving, forever home. 

Our Foster Family


Claire R.




Two Way Street is so lucky to have a new addition to our team! Rebecca and Claire met by chance at North Central Animal Shelter! Rebecca struck up a conversation and used her persuasive skills to encourage Claire to become a foster for bottle babies this kitten season! After meeting, Claire couldn't stop thinking about opening her home to felines in need. Two days later, she brought home a litter of 5 two week old kittens!! What a superwoman!! Claire is now a member of the TWS Foster Family and is the primary caregiver for The Baby Gemstones litter! When Claire isn't busy saving lives, she can be found studying English at UCLA, or pursuing her passion of making music! Welcome to the team, Claire!!

"Foster From Afar" Program

Two Way Street is so thankful for all of our loving supporters from all around the world! We know that not everyone can physically foster our animals, but we have so many incredible people who contribute to our mission regularly in many different ways. In order to thank our dear friends near and far, we have decided to launch the Foster From Afar Program. Every single foster that comes to Two Way Street will have a foster physically taking care of them in Los Angeles, but they will also have a "Foster From Afar". This foster is someone who contributes to Two Way Street through financial donations, by sending us lifesaving supplies from our Amazon Wishlist, or helps to facilitate our loving online community. Although this donor does not physically care for the animal day in and day out, in our hearts we know that they are the reason the precious animal could be rescued. Fosters From Afar receive photos of their pet, updates on their health, and information on their potential adoption prospects. It's a fun way to be invested in another animals life, and consider it your very own, even though it isn't in your home! 


Sending a BIG thank you to the following Fosters From Afar:


Oakley- Dieter H. from Ontario, CAN

Mia- Annie P. from Wisconsin

Topaz- Beka & Drew H. from California

Onyx- Danny H. from Ontario, CAN

Malachite- Loretta P. from Michigan

Garnet- Praline B. from Australia

QuartzPrudence M. from California

Wanda The Duck- Wanda M. from Texas

Ben- Brendan B. from California

Mackey the Swallow- Daniel R. from California

Denver- Rachel & Brodie T. from Ontario, CAN

Daffofil & Rosie- Carrie S. from Ontario, CAN



*The goal is for every person who has contributed to our mission in any way to receive their very own foster! It will take some time, but we'll get there!!