Frequently Asked Questions!

TWS Adoption Fees:

(Fee includes spaying/neutering, microchipping, vaccinations, defleaing and deworming)

1 Kitten =$150

2 Kittens =$250


  1. "Oh my goodness, all of your fosters are so cute! Where do they come from?"

    • In the beginning, Two Way Street received their intakes from the six LA City Shelters. However, as our rescue has grown, we have noticed a real demand in the community for someone who can trap and take in stray kittens, when the people of Los Angeles find them in their neighborhoods. Two Way Street is now meeting that need, and exclusively receives their fosters from the caring residents of LA.

  2. "I'm in love with one of your fosters, can I adopt it?"

    • You can absolutely try! But first, you will have to contact our Adoptions Manager, Daniel Cocuzzo, via email ( and let him know your contact information, and the name of the baby you’re interested in! From there, Daniel will get back to you and lead you through our quick and easy adoption application process! We get several applications for each of our fosters, so unfortunately, not every applicant can take the baby home. We carefully screen and evaluate each candidate and choose the one that is the best fit for both foster and adopter. We’re in the matchmaking business!!!

  3. "You have the coolest job in the world, but how do you make money?"

    • It’s true, and that’s a good question!! As the founder of Two Way Street, a large part of my job is to look after all of our fosters needs, and they are quite expensive!! We spend a minimum of $250 on each of our fosters during their time in our care. That can really add up!! To cover these costs, we fundraise money with online campaigns, by selling merchandise, and through generous donations from our supporters. Unfortunately, we are not at the point yet financially to cover all those expenses AND pay our staff to run the rescue! This means that I provide dog walking and pet sitting services to the people in our community as an additional way to fund TWS expenses, and to pay for my personal basic needs. We look forward to the day when we have enough funding to have staff on payroll, our own facility, and the ability to expand our programming.

  4. "Are the fosters spayed/neutered before they are adopted? Vaccinated? Microchipped?"

    • YES! Every single foster comes spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed upon adoption.

  5. "I used to have an outdoor cat, if I adopt from Two Way Street, can I let my cat outside?"

    • Did you know that an outdoor cat’s lifespan is on average only 5 years? Whereas, an indoor cat has the average lifespan of 13-17 years? That’s a HUGE difference!! At Two Way Street, we understand the primal need in cats to have adventure, exercise, hunting, and curiosity in their every day life. We don’t want our kitties to become bored inside, so we work hard to make sure our cats receive the stimulation they need while remaining indoors. We live in a very busy city with endless dangers that can pose as threats to our sweet kitties. Though we may like to think they are invincible, these factors eventually take a toll and drastically cut the lifespan of the animal. We insist that all of our adopters exclusively keep our fosters indoors due to this reason. We want what is best for the animal, and that is being safe indoors, away from predators, vehicles, people who don’t like cats, BB guns, poisonous food/ chemicals etc etc etc.

  6. "Do I need to take my newly adopted furry friend to the vet right away, or are they in the clear for a while since they were with Two Way Street?"

    • We always recommend taking your newly adopted friend to your local vet for a basic wellness checkup. Our babies will already be up to date with all their basic medical needs, but it is always a good idea to have another experienced eye examine the animal. At this time, you can take part in additional elective medical treatments.

  7. "I love my furniture at home and don't want my cat to destroy it, is declawing my newly adopted cat my best options for preserving my furniture?"

    • Did you know that declawing a cat isn’t just cutting their finger nails, but cutting right into the animal’s bone? Imagine if you went to get a manicure and the aesthetician cut off your fingers up to the knuckle!! Ouch!!! That is exactly what declawing is like for cats! It’s completely inhumane and unnecessary. There are SO MANY other ways to prevent cats from scratching your furniture: Trimming their nails frequently, putting on nail caps, using bathroom deterrent sprays, attaching protective products to your furniture… the list is endless! Cats need claws, just like you need fingers. Plain and simple.

  8. "I found a litter of cats in my neighborhood and I want to help, what should I do with them?"

    • Please contact us at Though we cannot guarantee that we can take them in, we will certainly do everything we can to help you.

  9. "I can't adopt but I want to help. What can I do?"

    • I read a wonderful quote once that will answer your question:

"ADOPT- if you can't adopt,

FOSTER- if you can't foster,

SPONSOR- if you can't sponsor,

VOLUNTEER- if you can't volunteer,

DONATE- if you can't donate,