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Reviews from Two Way Street Clients


"Rebecca is the bestest!! Highly, highly recommend! Fun, caring, communicative, enthusiastic, responsible, what more could you want in a pet sitter?! She will take extra special care of your fur babies and can even handle the difficult ones. You won't have to worry about a thing when you leave your pets with Rebecca. She has such a warm heart and truly cares about all animals. She'll send you updates and pics while you're away, and she even followed up after we returned to make sure the pets were doing well. She will give you and your fur babies an 'over-the-top' pleasant experience. I literally scheduled my next trip around Rebecca's calendar so that I could make sure my babies are in good hands while I'm away. I cannot stress enough that you should book all your future pet sitting needs with Rebecca. She is on such a high pedestal in my eyes that I cannot imagine any other pet sitter could live up to her standards."- Ashley B.

“Rebecca is truly a one-of-a-kind soul. I went on a week-long trip to Miami, and I hired her to housesit for my dog. I was so nervous about leaving on a trip without my dog for a week, but Rebecca made my experience so amazing because she took care of the Bronx the exact way that I wanted her to. I am so specific about how I like my dog to be taken care of, and Rebecca told me that I could write everything down for her, and that she would follow it to a T, which she did. She is the most friendly, professional, trustworthy, and caring person ever! Rebecca has a way with animals! She made my experience being away from home so easy because I knew that everything was taken care of at home. I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything, and I knew that my dog was receiving the best care possible! She would always send me videos and pictures of my dog to let me know how his day was going, and she was there anytime that I would call or text her about my dog. My dog really loves Rebecca, which is great because I know that he will have a great time with her if I go on another vacation in the future. I came home to a happy and pampered dog. Thank you for being so amazing, Rebecca!”- Daniela A.

“Rebecca was an amazing pet sitter for our two adult dogs. She helped us for two weeks, dropping in to walk and feed them the first week, and then staying overnight with them the second week. She was so attentive to them, and made sure they had plenty of treats and love. She made us feel so comfortable about leaving them-she sent pictures every day, helping us to miss them a little bit less, and reassuring us they were doing well. Rebecca is a wonderful person with a truly caring heart, and we wouldn’t leave our boys with anyone else!”- Liz V.

"We adopted our kitten Minnie from Rebecca a little over a month ago and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The amount of love she has for animals is obvious within the first few moments of meeting her. We met Rebecca at an adoption event when we saw Minnie and were instantly interested in adopting her. Rebecca helped me fill out an adopters application and asked me questions about myself, my partner and our other cat Pete- she was very dedicated to not just adopting out Minnie, but adopting her to the right home.

Rebecca accommodated her schedule to meet with us at the Kitten Rescue adoption center the very next day so we could interact with Minnie hands on in a safe space. We of course decided to adopt Minnie (she is the sweetest) and Rebecca brought Minnie over to our place right away to do a quick home check and get the paperwork finalized.

Rebecca and I have stayed in contact since the adoption; she asks how Minnie and Pete are doing and shares tiny baby pictures of Minnie. It is clear that taking care of animals is what Rebecca is meant to do in life. I plan on having Rebecca cat sit for me because I know that they will be loved and getting the absolute best care while I am gone. Plus it is nice knowing that you will also be helping Rebecca have the funds she needs to continue to save all of the animals she can!"- Haley S.

"Rebecca McKee of Two Way Street Animal Care is a wonder on a mission! She gives her heart and soul to the animals she cares for. If it weren't for Rebecca, I wouldn't have my deceased friend Sally's cat, Jake. When Sally died, Jake landed in a county shelter, was rescued by Sally's sister, turned over to Stray Cat Alliance, who gave Jake to Rebecca, to mother and love. I was able to contact Rebecca. We conferred on Jake's care, needs and wants. More importantly, she made Jake feel safe. When I wanted to adopt Jake, whom I consider my nephew, (Sally and I were distantly related) Rebecca gave me two names to contact at SCA, rather than go in cold with an adoption application. I was able, because of Rebecca's help, to adopt my terrific Jake. He is now a spoiled happy cat! Thank you, Rebecca!"- Salli S.

“Rebecca you are a treasure and you delivered 2 treasures to me on October 7th... Fred and Ginger aka Oakley and Mia have added that level of joy to my life again that had gone missing since I lost my second cat Rocky in September...and Dude his twin brother of almost 18 years the year before. Fred and Ginger both have playful warm affectionate and engaged personalities and I swear Rebecca's raising of them included teaching good manners...they knew the word "no" from the time they arrived at 5 months old which I thought was amazing and not one mistake going potty...no jealousy issues. They each even spell each other when getting that one on one attention from me. I sense it stems from all that love from Rebecca and her team that they have had practically their whole lives. And I am going to enjoy continuing that past practice... Thank you so much and we will stay in touch.” - Gaye P.

“Rebecca and the team are so nice! They listened when I described my lifestyle and set me up with the most perfect lil guy. They are truly dedicated to making sure their fur babies are adopted to healthy and happy homes. I appreciate the love they gave my kitty before he came to me and I will be sending anyone who wants to adopt a cat to them. Thank you!”- Emily AJ.

“Rebecca took in a mama cat with five kittens that I helped rescue off the street. The kittens weren’t even a week old. I’ve seen them thrive in her care. She keeps a very clean and healthy environment for all the cats and kittens and even her dogs too. The mama cat and kittens will be up for adoption in a few weeks and I’m sure she’ll find great homes for them. Highly recommended.” - Lisa A.

Rebecca is very sweet and she cares so much about the kitties on the street. When I told her about the 4 baby kitties in my building, she got into action right away. She came to Los Angeles to pick them up and found them a foster home. They are very dedicated and you can see they love doing it.”- Marisol J M.

"We were looking for a new kitty and we found Rebecca and Two Way Street Animal care and the process of adopting our new kitty, Rupert, could not have been easier! We set up a brief phone interview so Rebecca could speak to us briefly about our current living arrangement and make sure Rupert was getting a happy home. A few weeks later, we paid a visit to the animal shelter to meet Rebecca and our new Kitty where he received his microchip and paper work and the rest is history! Rebecca is a compassionate foster mommy for animals of all kinds and I would recommend Two Way Street Animal Care to anyone looking to adopt!"- Nick D.

"Rebecca is everything we could have asked for in a dogsitter. She's professional, super-friendly, gets along great with our fickle senior pitbull, and she can handle any amount of adjustments and demands our dog might have during the day. Our dog has a variety of quirks, routines and needs, and Rebecca absorbed them all and executed our plans to perfection."- Redmond C.

"Rebecca is amazing! She goes above and beyond with our pup and gives regular updates. So glad we found her!"- Chad M.

"So grateful we’ve found Rebecca. She looked in on our cats while we were away for a long weekend. She was generous with her time and care, reviewing all our cats’ needs and even administering insulin shots to our diabetic cat. We highly recommend her for house visits and overnight pet sitting!!"- Maryanne P.