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ADOPTED: 05/08/18

Update: Jake is now happily living in his forever home in Maryland! Congratulations Jake!!

Hi guys! I'm Jake! I'm a four year old, handsome, plump black kitty! Although I'm gorgeous, and have a gentle personality, I've been going through a difficult time personally in the last few weeks. My owner passed away recently and I am heartbroken. We were so close and I loved her very much. I am looking for a new home and new family who will love me just as much as she did!

Let me tell you more about myself. Most people say my greatest feature are my bright yellow eyes! Apparently, they really "pop"! I have a round figure that I'm proud of and would like to maintain through lots of yummy kibble. I like to sit in the bathtub and get tummy scratches from my foster mommy. 

I was the only pet in my last home and I think I would like to continue to be the only king in my next castle. I'm lovey dovey and would like to be my owner's entire world. In return, I will sleep on your lap and purr and purr and purr.

Jake. xoxo