Jasmine & Sencha- ADOPTED

Brother and Sister Lilac Point Siamese Kittens

Born: 02/10/18

Adopted: 04/28/18

Update: Both Jasmine and Sencha are happily living in their forever homes in Los Angeles! Congratulations J & S!!

Hi! I'm Jasmine! I'm a delicate, tiny kitty, but if you weigh me you'll see that I'm heavier than my pudgy brother! It's true!! My mommy laughs at me because I always have a very serious face on, even when i'm quite content and happy. I am very curious and fearless, I enjoy being the first to investigate a new room, food or toy. Sencha and I like to have squeaking battles! I'll squeak, then he'll squeak, then i'll squeak back even louder! It's so funny, we can go on and on for hours. I'm not sure Mommy likes it, but I think it's cute. I'm a very messy eater, but I'm getting better. I used to put my whole body in the bowl while eating, but I'm learning that I can stay clean and just dip my head in! Hey! I'm a baby kitten... give me a break. I should probably talk about my brother Sencha. Well, he's roly poly and really silly. I love him very much and wish to be adopted along with my brother as a bonded pair. We're like PB&J, we just go so well together! Love, Jasmine. xoxo

Hello there! I'm Sencha! Everybody thought I was a girl but no... look a little closer folks, I'm clearly a baby boy!! I'm SO sweet. My foster mommy doesn't want to give me up because I am just THAT cute. I'm a little bit needier than my sister, Jasmine. I like to cuddle with mommy and purr on her shoulder. Did Jasmine tell you how loud I can squeak?? You probably wouldn't believe such a loud noise could come out of such a little kitty!! I squeak loudly to let mommy know I want cuddles and that I've had enough independent play time. I like food, but I have to eat right beside my sister, not across from her. That just won't do. I'm very photogenic!! My mommy has so many great photos of me because I pose for the camera, but she doesn't have many of Jasmine. Jazzy just won't stand still long enough to take a clear photo. Silly girl. Well, if you are looking to adopt adorable kittens, there is really no point for you to look anywhere else. Jazzy and I are perfect and besties for the resties. Love, Sencha. xoxo