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Hi friends! I'm Malcolm. Some people call me "Jammie Baby", "Security Guard", "Mouse", or "America's Favorite Dog", but calling me Malcolm is just fine. Kitten Rescue LA found me at a shelter, and even though they focus on rescuing cats, I was just too cute that they had to save me too! For the first year after being rescued, I lived in the Kitten Nursery with my best friends, The Powerpuff Girls. To be honest, we are kind of celebrities... We're so special that we have our own webcam in the nursery where people from all around the world tune in to see what we are up to! How cool, right?! I have lots of fans who love me and I love them too. 

But enough about my fame, I do feel I need to disclose to you some of my quirks that make me so very special. I am roughly 13 years old, deaf, partially blind, arthritic, and I have a skin condition so I like to wear pyjamas to make myself feel more comfortable. (Also, it makes me look cute and drives my followers crazy!!) Veterinarians can't really seem to agree on my breed either, let's just name it "cutiepoo". I'm just the sweetest baby boy you'll ever meet. Even though I'm a senior, I'm still learning and discovering new things like a puppy every day! Ever since I left the nursery, I've been living with my foster mommy, she's nice, gives me treats, and changes my pyjamas daily. She says I'm really improving in so many ways, I'm almost like a completely different dog! What a compliment!

Even though I love my foster mommy, I'd really like to find my forever home soon. I'm a very precious pup and need to find the absolute perfect owner and home because so many people care about me! I like to sleep all the way through the night, I'm good at going potty outside, food is amazing and I always clean my plate, I get along well with cats and dogs, I don't know about kids though, but I have a feeling I'd do just fine. I'm looking for an owner who likes to spend their time around the house and can keep an eye on me! I would love to have a backyard to wander around, and I enjoy going on one good walk a day. People don't believe me, but if the conditions are right, I can really run!! I thrive on a routine and am pretty predictable. If I can be picky though, I'd like to have a clean home too. Since I can't see very well, it helps to have everything in the room nice and tidy so I don't run into things!

I guarantee that when you meet me, you'll fall in love. It's happened to everyone else.

-Malcolm. xoxo

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