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45 Adoptions

Since 2018


Our Two Main Programs:

  1. Neonatal Kitten Care

We are so thrilled to provide neonatal care to orphaned kittens. When kittens are separated from their mother's in the early weeks of life it is extremely difficult for them to survive on their own. Kittens need constant 24 hour care and attention. Unfortunately, due to the significant contribution of time involved, most shelters are unable to meet their around the clock needs. Often this leads perfectly healthy kittens to be euthanized, merely because shelters do not have enough resources available.

This is where we come in! At Two Way Street we are passionate about giving each and every kitten the chance at a happy and safe life. We have numerous wonderful fosters all over the city that welcome these little ones into their homes and give them a safe place to blossom before they move to their forever home. If you happen to find a kitten or litter in your community, please contact us immediately and we will try our very best to put together the resources needed for the little ones.

2. Community Cats: Trap, Neuter, Return

We are so excited to offer TNR services to the community cats in our local area. The process of trapping stray cats, getting them sterilized to prevent further reproduction, and returning them to their colony is critical in our rescue’s mission to reduce animal homelessness, overpopulation, and unnecessary deaths.

If you are seeking TNR services in the Glendale/Eagle Rock/Burbank/Pasadena area, please contact us!

We will do our best to help you out!


Rebecca took in a mama cat with five kittens that I helped rescue off the street. The kittens weren’t even a week old. I’ve seen them thrive in her care. She keeps a very clean and healthy environment for all the cats and kittens and even her dogs too. The mama cat and kittens will be up for adoption in a few weeks and I’m sure she’ll find great homes for them. Highly recommended.
— Lisa A.

Our Team: The Magic Makers!!


Looking for a trustworthy pet sitter or dog walker?

We’ve got you covered! Rebecca looks after numerous pets while their owners are out of town, and she has a long list of dogs she walks daily! If you live in Los Angeles and are interested in her services, feel free to contact her here! The income from her clients is a large part of how she funds TWS!


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