Hi lovely internet people! I'm Petunia, but please call me "Tuni", I think it suits me better. Petunia is like an old lady name, but Tuni is young, hip and fresh. My mommy found me at South LA Animal Shelter last summer. I obviously was the cutest kitty in my litter, and from the moment my mommy saw me she knew she had to have me. I'm so captivating. I would say my greatest features are my sweet face, pink paws, and soft hair. Ugh, I bet Pierre told you that I'm self conscious of my tummy. I have a voluptuous figure, okay? It's 2018, let's get over it. I love food, and making biscuits on soft blankets. I also like to sleep in funny positions to make my mommy laugh. I get along with just about anyone, but Pierre, somehow, is my best friend. He pokes me and annoys me a lot, but the little monster rat can be sweet sometimes. He cleans my ears for me, because I can't do it on my own. Thoughtful right? 

I have my forever home, so don't even try to take me away. My mommy loves me to the moon and back, then to the moon, then back again. It's true! She's told me many times! Take a look at my Two Way Street friends though. They may not be as perfect as me, but they deserve a home too.

-Tuni. xoxo

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