Yo yo folks! I'm Pierre! My mommy found me at the South LA Animal Shelter last summer! I was just a little baby back then, not even 2 pounds! I really wanted for her to take me home, so I put on a pouty face, acted really shy, and pretended to be a quiet little boy. The woman bought it! Ha! My foster mommy brought me home and then I revealed my true colors after it was too late!! I'm actually very energetic, and mischievous! My mommy calls me a "rat" sometimes because I can get up to no good. The nickname is warranted, I'll be honest. I think it's just a phase though, so everyone can just calm down.

Petunia's my sister, we're from the same litter that's why we look the same, but her tummy is a lot bigger. Word from the wise, do not comment on her tummy, it won't go over well with her. Trust me. My favorite thing to do is chase my sisters around the house when they don't want to be chased. I also enjoy a good wrestle. I may be little, but my claws are my greatest strength. My mommy loves me very much and has unfortunately discovered that I have a secret sweet, nurturing side. I'm the man of the house so I have to look after her.

I'm already in my forever home. I like it here, my mom let's me watch Netflix, steal her hair elastics, and eat one too many treats. Even though I'm not on the market, my friends at Two Way Street are pretty cool and need homes too! Check them out! Oh and you can send me care packages even though you can't have me. That would be nice.

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