Hi humans! I'm Posie! My mommy found me at the West LA Animal Shelter in 2016! I was just a little 6 week old nugget then! She tells me I was so little and scared and that I was found under a nearby bridge! What??? Why was I under a bridge?? Well mom found me, so that's all that matters now. I'm the big sister in the family. I like to hide under beds, eat kibble, put Pierre in his place, and go absolutely bonkers when mommy least expects it. Yes, my eyes are crossed... okay, let's just get past the jokes, I've heard them all from my Aunt Rachel. Laser pointers confuse me, but I like looking at birds outside. My dream is to catch one in mid air! My little brother and sister are cute, I didn't like them in the beginning but I love them now. House guests are the worst. I literally cannot think of anything worse than a stranger coming over to my house. Yuck. 

I'm in my forever home. Please don't move me, I really like all of my hiding places. To find new ones would be inconvenient.

-Po. xoxo

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