Male, Domestic, Long Haired, Brown & White Tabby

Born: 04/18/18

Adopted: 06/17/18

Update: Rupert has joined a lovely family in Koreatown, LA! He has an older kitty sister and two wonderful parents. They have decided to keep his name, Rupert! Congratulations Baby Rupito! We love you!


Hi! I'm Rupert! 

I am the smallest and cutest kitty you have ever seen! My foster mommy swooped me up from East Valley Animal Shelter in May! To be honest, I don't even know how I got there! It's all a big blur to me! My mommy can't believe how advanced I am for my age. She brought me home at 3 weeks old, expecting to bottle feed me and treat me like a baby... Much to her surprise, I already knew how to eat canned food by myself, use the litter box, devour kibble, run, jump, and play with other kitties! I'm just that special... what can I say? Mommy calls me her "miracle kitty", and I agree with her. I get along with everyone: little kitties, big kitties, little dogs, big dogs, and all sorts of humans! I'm the most easy going little sea monkey! I get huge FOMO when my brothers and sisters are playing, I always have to join in on the fun! And I love nothing more than a good rough and tumble with Sneaky, my big brother! He's more than double my weight, but I hold my own! I'll be looking for my forever home in mid June, so let my mommy know if you think i'm the perfect fit for your house. I don't take up much space and I squeak like an ape! How cute!

Alrighty, time for a snooze.

Baby Rupito. xoxo