(Top to bottom: Sneaker (M), Flip Flop (F), Sandal(F))

(Top to bottom: Sneaker (M), Flip Flop (F), Sandal(F))

Flip Flop, Sandal, & Sneaker-ALL ADOPTED

Born: March 17, 2018

Available for adoption in early June 2018

Update: Sneaker and Flip Flop have found their forever home in Glendale, CA and are lucky to have the absolute best parents ever! Congrats Sneaks & Flippy, we'll miss you!!

Update 2: After attending the "Glassell Bark & Meow" Adoption Event, Sandy found her forever home! She is now being smothered with love in Eagle Rock, CA, and also has a new tabby cat brother, Pete, to look up to! Congrats Sandy, we love you. xoxo


Flippy: The most fearless of the family, resilient and refuses to get sick, loves a good meal but prefers running around, voted most likely to win the Boston Marathon. *Adopted!!!

Sandy: The baby of the family, photogenic, slow eater, bug eyed, loves to give kisses, likes to go potty in a corner without a litter box, voted most likely to become a child star. *Adopted!!!

Sneaker: The chunkiest of the family, good at living with sisters, loves the color green, is always obedient, voted most likely to win a hotdog eating contest. *Adopted!!!